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Mattress Types, Individual Pocket Sprung, Orthopaedic,
Memory Foam, Light Quilted, Deep Quilted, Economy and more.
Mattresses available individually or as Divan Sets,
Up to 50% off the rrp price,
Browse, or call for details. All mattress width sizes available including:-
toddler - 2ft6in, single - 3ft, queen - 4ft, double - 4ft 6in,
king - 5ft , super king size - 6ft.
Mattress made to measure also available
Mattress length / width sizes can be altered or
made to measure to your exact size requirements for smaller rooms
ideal for caravans, smaller rooms etc.
Quality Mattresses at Prices You Can Afford !!
(multi-buy discount available, please ask)
Discount Available
We can supply in large quantities to Hotels, Nursing Homes and Landlords.
Discount available for multiple orders.  Order before 2pm Thursday for guaranteed weekend delivery.
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Emerald 1200 Individually Pocket Sprung Divan Bed, Click picture to enlarge
Jewel Deep Quilted Divan Bed, Click picture to enlarge
Jade Micro Quilt Divan Bed, Click picture to enlarge
click picture to enlarge
Emerald Pocket Sprung Mattress
1200 Individual Pocket Springs
The Luxury Emerald Has 1200 Individually Nested Pocket Springs
For Your Corrective Support.  1200 Individual Pocket Springs!!
Multi Layered Comfort Fillings.  Deep Hand Tufted Finish.
Luxury Damask Ticking.
               3ft  209.99  4ft/4ft 6in  269.99
               5ft  309.99               6ft  389.99
click picture to enlarge
Jewel Divan Mattress
Deep Quilted
The Jewel Deep Quilted Mattress with its Bonnell Spring
System Offers Support and Comfort.  12.5 Orthopaedic
Spring.  6 Gauge Rod Edge Frame.  Luxuriously Multi
Layered Finish. High Lofted Quilted Finish.
               3ft    99.99  4ft/4ft 6in  139.99
               5ft  159.99               6ft  229.99
click picture to enlarge
Jade Mattress
Micro Quilted
The Micro Quilt is a Firm Bed with Orthopaedic Qualities,
that gives You Support and Comfort.  12.5 Gauge Spring
Unit.  6 Gauge Rod Edge Frame.  Strong Insolating Pad.
Hypoallergenic.  Micro Quilted Damask Fabric.
               3ft  149.99  4ft/4ft 6in  199.99
               5ft  229.99               6ft  309.99
click picture to enlarge
Elite Modern Age Mattress
Pocket Memory Foam Mattress
1200 Individual Pocket Springs.  50mm of V60 Memory
Foam.  Luxurious Natural Fillings For Comfort.  Micro Quilted
with Memory Foam for winter use.  Tufted on one side for
summer use.  Faux Suede Fabric.
               3ft                4ft/4ft 6in  359.99
               5ft                             6ft 
click picture to enlarge
Saphire Mattress
Ortho Quilted Mattress
The Cheapest Hard Orthopaedic Bed In This Range.
12.5 Gauge Spring Unit.  Multi Layered Compressed
Fillings.  6 Gauge Rod Edge Frame.
Quality Damask Finish.
        3ft    89.99  4ft/4ft 6in  129.99
        5ft  149.99               6ft  199.99
click picture to enlarge
Ruby Mattress
Deep Quilted Mattress
This Top Selling Bed Has a Stitch Bond Cover.
13.5 Gauge Open Coil Spring.  6 Gauge Steel Framed Rod
Edge.  Multi Layered Fillings.  Deep Quilted Finish.
Quality Stitch Bond Finish.
               3ft    69.99  4ft/4ft 6in    99.99
               5ft  119.99
click picture to enlarge
Platinum Mattress
High Lofted Mattress
The best selling mattress in this range providing
support for your back with a firm feel sleep system.
High Lofted for additional comfort.  12.5 Gauge Steel
Rod Edged Frame.  Multi Layered Fillings.  High Loft &
Tufted Mattress.  Quality Damask Finish.
          3ft  139.99  4ft/4ft 6in  189.99
          5ft  219.99               6ft  299.99
click picture to enlarge
Titanium Mattress
Super Firm Ortho Mattress
Super Firm Orthopaedic Mattress.  12.5 Gauge Spring
Oven Baked For Extra Firmness.  Side Supported Edges.
5 Gauge Wire Framed Rod Edges.  Multi Layered
Compress Fillings.  Hand Tufted.  Luxury Damask Finish.
          3ft  189.99  4ft/4ft 6in  209.99
          5ft  259.99               6ft  339.99
click picture to enlarge
Oxford Mattress
Light Quilted Mattress
This is a competitively priced mattress with a
Stitch Bond Cover.  13.5 Gauge Open Coil Spring.
Plastic Edged Frames.  Multi Layered Fillings.
Lightly Quilted.
       3ft    49.99  4ft/4ft 6in    69.99
       5ft    89.99
click picture to enlarge
Royal Deluxe Mattress
Memory Foam Mattress
13.5 Gauge Open Coil Spring.  6 Gauge Rod Edge Frame.
50mm of Memory Foam.  4 Way Stretch Luxurious
Knitted Fabric.  Anti Dust Mite Resistant.  None Turn Mattress.
          3ft  189.99  4ft/4ft 6in  239.99
          5ft  299.99               6ft  359.99
click picture to enlarge
Pillow Top Mattress
The Pillow Top Mattress has Extra Comfort with Traditional
Tufting.  Which is done by hand for a Professional Finish.
12 Gauge Spring Unit.  6 Gauge Rod Edge Frame.
None Turn Mattress.  Pillow Top for Extra Comfort.
Hand Tufted.  Luxurious Damask Ticking.
          3ft  199.99  4ft/4ft 6in  269.99
          5ft  299.99               6ft  359.99
click picture to enlarge
Topaz Suede Mattress
Orthopaedic Mattress
This is an Elegant and Stylish Orthopaedic Mattress.
The Quality Sleep System Combines Luxurious Suede Type
Side Panels  with Soft Feel Knitted Cover.  12.5 Gauge
Spring Unit.  6 Gauge Wire Rod Edge Frame.  Hypoallergenic.
High Lofted Tufted Mattress.  Knitted Fabric Cover.
          3ft  219.99  4ft/4ft 6in  289.99
          5ft  319.99               6ft  379.99
click picture to enlarge
Pearl Stress Free Mattress
Orthopaedic Mattress
The Pearl Orthopaedic is the Best Comfort Mattress
in this Range.  With a Soft Breathable Knitted Fabric giving
your body relief from your day to day stress.  12.5 Gauge
Orthopaedic Spring.  6 Gauge Rod Edge Frame.  Multi
Layered Soft Fillings.  4 Way Stretch Breathable Cover.
          3ft  159.99  4ft/4ft 6in  209.99
          5ft  239.99               6ft  319.99
click picture to enlarge
Diamond Pocket Sprung Mattress
1500 Individual Pocket Springs
This Mattress has 1500 Individually Nested Pocket Springs
for your Special Comfort Needs.  The Finest Natural
Layers of Fillings.  Deep Hand Tufted Finish.  Luxury
Damask Ticking.
          3ft  229.99  4ft/4ft 6in  299.99
          5ft  339.99               6ft  399.99
click picture to enlarge
Destiny Mattress
1200 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam
The Destiny Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress is the
Highest Speck in the Comfort Range.  1200 Pocket Spring
and 70mm of Memory Foam. With a 4 Way Stretch Micro
Quilt and Luxurious Natural Fillings.  The Cover is
Antimicrobial and Dust Mite Resistant.
None Turn Mattress.
          3ft  269.99  4ft/4ft 6in  369.99
          5ft  419.99               6ft  519.99
click picture to enlarge
Cosiflex Mattress
10 inch Deep Mattress
13.5 Gauge Spring Unit. 6 Gauge Rod Edge Frame.
Luxurious Multi Layered Fillings.  Hand Tufted.
Quality Stitch Bond Fabric.
       3ft    79.99  4ft/4ft 6in  109.99
       5ft  129.99               6ft  179.99
click picture to enlarge
Economy Mattress
Cheap and Competitively Priced Budget Mattress.
13.5 Gauge Open Coil Spring.
  2 Fillings Top and Bottom.  Quality Stitch Bond Fabric.
       3ft    36.99  4ft/4ft 6in    55.99
       5ft    76.99
click picture to enlarge
Contract Mattress
P.V.C. Damask Cover
This Mattress has a Fully P.V.C. Damask Cover.
Ideal for Nursing Homes and Children.
13.5 Gauge Coil Spring Unit.  6 Gauge Steel
Wire Rod Frame.  Multi Layered Source 5 Fillings.
       3ft    99.99  4ft/4ft 6in  159.99
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Restfull Nights
Chameleon Mattress
Kingsize Extra Firm Mattress
       5ft    79.99            H18 x W150 x D200cm
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Restfull Nights
Cushora Mattress
Kingsize Extra Firm Mattress
       5ft    79.99            H18 x W150 x D200cm
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4ft Queensize Mattress
GB Mattresses, Deep Quilted
4ft    79.99           
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